Access Terminal Instructions


Terminal Keypad

  1. Open Access Panel Door
  2. Choose
    1. for Overhead Fill or
    2. for Side Fill
    Press-> 'ENTER'
  3. Connect the water fill hose to tank.
  4. Enter your four digit ACCESS NUMBER.
    Press-> 'ENTER'
  5. Enter your four digit PIN
    Press-> 'ENTER'
  6. Enter the volume of water you want.
    Press-> 'ENTER'
  7. Confirm the hose is connected.
  8. Press 'START' to start water flow.
    The transferred water column is displayed on the screen.
    The water will automatically stop dispensing when the requested volume is reached.
  9. Press 'STOP' to stop water flow at any time.
    Press 'PAUSE' for a 30 second pause.

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